Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Last working session Monday we had a discussion with Andre about our projects. I was at the point to make a decision between two point of interest. I could proceed designing a free form design building and do a kind of research by design. But my initial goal was to create a toolkit for architects and it remains a question if the results of this design process will bring any good.

Therefore I shifted my focus on the constructual aspects. Some of today’s freeform design buildings use concrete, this is pored on site or in other cases just used as a cladding. In general the process is time consuming and expensive. Off site production and separation in a 'standard' panel would be much cheaper. Today there is a lot of development in the creation of double curved surface panels. Let's assume there is a affordable and good way of building them, the problems remains how to put these panels together. It would be nice if these concrete elements can interact in such a way that they won't need any extra primary construction elements.

So the research question and hypotheses corresponsive to this will be:
Research question:
How can/should a parametric-associative model be constructed out of prefabricated concrete which assist designers in exploring free form buildings?

The construction will be made out of prefabricated double curved panels. These will be connected by a system in such a way that it keeps structural integrity and a fluidly curved facade. There will be no primary or secondary construction to support the panels so that they will carry the loads themselves.

Currently I'm going through the generative components tutorials so I'm trying to have a model at the end of this week.

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